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Niall with 50 Cent backstage at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - 9/20


Quidditch Line Up | 1993-94 Ravenclaw Team

Roger Davies - Chaser/CaptainGrant Page - KeeperRandolph Burrow - ChaserDuncan Inglebee - BeaterJason Samuels - BeaterJeremy Stretton - Chaser; Cho Chang - Seeker


*opens inspect element on a webpage* Ive accessed the mainframe

imagine jesus coming back and googling himself and being like yo why am i white in all of these

look i’m not denying the fact that little white lies is problematic bc it is it’s a very problematic song

but do we just ignore why don’t we go there? like is that a thing we’re doing? are we actively ignoring the fact that it’s a literally a ‘i’m pressuring you until you say yes’ song? 

let’s start this off with little look into the first four lines of the song

I know you want, know you wanna take it slow
Think about all the places we could go
If you give in tonight
Just let me set you free

person has clearly stated they wanted to take it slow but ambiguous singer of song has been like but bro….. i can show you so many new places and ‘set you free’….. with the power of my penis

'Cause we got all night
And we’re going nowhere
Why don’t you stay
Why don’t we go there?

'we're' not going nowhere, you're going nowhere bc the girl doesn't want to do anything!! like she's stated!! already!!! and she clearly wants to leave if you want her to stay!!!! you're pressuring her!!!!! like !!!!!!!

Say the word, say the word but don’t say no
Skydive, you and I, with just these clothes
The secret’s safe with me
There’s no right time or place
'Cause anyone can see we'll do it anyway

i’ve bolded the most important part of this song…….. like ambiguous singer of this song is literally like ok you can say no but you really can’t say no because i’m not taking no as an answer!! how DOES NO ONE CARE ABOUT HOW GROSS THIS SONG IS ??? the rest of the verse is not much better. halfway through it sounds like he’s saying what is essentially a rape is a secret and it’s safe with him and the last line is implying that she’ll do it anyway bc she’s just like that……… this song is so gross. THE FOURTH line IS NOT great either because it’s like the girl is probably trying to be like ‘oh i want to do it at the right time’ and he’s implying there is none……. like bruh……

Hey, I don’t want you to be the one that got away
I wanna get addicted to you, yeah
You’re rushing through my mind, I wanna feel the high
I wanna be addicted, don’t say no
Just let go

do i need to elaborate on this part? like the first line is gross bc he’s implying that he’s got to have sex with her so she can be some sort of trophy in his mind…. and the whole addiction thing to her is kinda gross in the sense (disregarding how gross the rest of the song is) that that’s not how relationships should work. again, there’s that ‘don’t say no’ because he’s not gonna take no as an answer sort of thing. and the last line, the Just let go… it’s like he’s telling her to chill and just let him do this.

like little white lies is problematic without a doubt but why don’t we go there is probably the most disgusting song one direction has ever written.